International Trade

The North American specialty metals industry is globally competitive, having invested billions in new capability over the past ten years, deploying new technologies, improving quality and driving down costs as we compete in a global market. With a level playing field, SSINA’s member companies can compete – and win – against anyone in the world. Unfortunately, massive global overcapacity, endemic dumping and foreign government subsidies all pose direct threats to U.S. producers.


Dumping and Subsidies


Global Overcapacity

As a result, defending against unfairly-traded imports and the market-distorting policies that fuel them is a top priority for SSINA. The association monitors international trade developments and trends and is a vigorous defender and user of our nation’s trade laws. SSINA also promotes the domestic sourcing of specialty metals for national security purposes, ensuring reliable supplies of these critical products. And the association works closely with U.S. government officials as they negotiate with foreign governments – both bilaterally and through global trade policy organizations – to preserve and advance the competitive interests of the United States and to ensure a level playing field for U.S. manufacturers and companies.