Automotive and transportation applications reside in perhaps the most competitive global market. In addition to high strength, safety, corrosion resistance, and sustainability, government regulations for fuel efficiency and emissions reductions drive manufacturers to use high performance materials that provide high strength while also reducing weight. In parallel, the entire industry is moving to electrified vehicles from combustion engines, paced by advances in battery technology and autonomous driving.

Exhaust System


Tanker Truck


Vehicle applications also need to have good weldability and be able to integrate into mixed material structures. Though carbon steels still dominate mass produced vehicle applications, aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium, and stainless steels all have their niches. Stainless 439 and 409 are found in exhaust systems, 304 and 316L in tanks for tanker trucks, and 303, 304, 17-4 for machined parts. The NAFTA region alone consumes over 800 metric tonnes of stainless steel in flat rolled and bar forms.