National Security

Specialty metals are unique, long lead-time materials that are vitally important to virtually every U.S. military platform. Whether it is the stainless wire for bomb springs and tank fuses; the flat-rolled armor plate for plane, ship armament and ground vehicles such as Humvees used to protect our troops overseas; the high-temperature alloys, super alloys, and other metals critical in aircraft engines, airframes, and rockets; the alloy tool steel used in the production of machine tools for the manufacturer of tanks; alloys for the F18, Joint Strike Fighter, Black Hawk and Apache helicopters; or materials for nuclear propulsion, American-made specialty metals are a vital component of U.S. military strength. The United States must maintain a reliable domestic source of those materials to ensure a vibrant defense industrial base.


ground vehicles



For more information on high performance alloys, please visit the website of the SSINA Superalloy Committee.

FY2020 Specialty Metals and National Security presentation