Steel Industry Associations Urge Congress to Include at Least $37 Billion for State DOTs in Next Relief Package

Press Release

Five U.S. steel industry associations, representing nearly two million U.S. workers directly or indirectly, sent a letter to Senate leadership today urging Congress to include at least $37 billion for state DOTs in the future relief bill that will be considered by Congress this month.

“Ensuring that state DOTs have appropriate funding to carry out essential projects is an important first step in our nation’s economic recovery. As Congress prepares to consider a more comprehensive and long-term infrastructure bill, we urge the Senate to pass an infrastructure package in the next phase of COVID-19 stimulus legislation.” said the letter.

“While the recent $2 trillion stimulus package addresses the immediate crisis, we believe that a forward-looking, robustly funded and long- term infrastructure package will create a path forward for jobs and growth as our nation recovers. Making a long-term and robust infrastructure investment now will not only respond to the urgent transportation system needs that are well known, but it also will create high paying jobs allowing businesses and families to recover from this extremely difficult economic shock. As past infrastructure bills have shown, the benefits from such a bill will flow throughout the economy. We can put more Americans to work, improve quality of life in our cities, towns and rural areas and drive commerce and medical supplies across our nation by making infrastructure investment a critical component of the next stimulus package by including Buy America provisions and using domestically produced and fabricated steel.”

The full letter can be viewed here.