Statement of Purpose
The Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA) is a voluntary trade association representing virtually all the producers of specialty steel in North America. Our members produce a variety of products including bar, rod, wire, angles, plate, sheet and strip, in stainless steel and other specialty steels.

The Stainless Steel Market Development Group's primary mission is to promote the expanded use and a recognition of stainless steel. Activities include: a proactive marketing program focused toward architects, designers, engineers and other materials specifiers to increase awareness of the value and potential of stainless steel; a resource for useful information and literature about stainless steel; and a cooperative partnership with other industry trade groups to promote the growth of markets for stainless steel.


Membership in SSINA is open to North American producers of specialty steel products. Membership policies are further delineated in the SSINA bylaws, available upon request. While the association is operated by its Board of Directors, comprised of the Chief Executive Officers of each regular member, day-to-day activities are conducted through a series of committees and task forces in which all member companies may participate. The "hands-on" involvement of members in issues relating to the industry has been a pivotal reason for the effectiveness of SSINA.

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Background Information on Current Members

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Any company with an interest in expanding the market for stainless steel can become a sponsor. A brochure entitled "Why Should You Become a Stainless Steel Market Development Sponsor" which lists the activities, benefits, and privileges of the market development program, is available upon request.

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